Episode 26: An Interview With Joshua Coffy

This week Shane and Sonia interview self-taught, San Francisco based artist Joshua Coffy. We speak briefly on Josh's upbringing and his discovery for the love of art making, but then we soon jump right in to how he found himself in the shoes of a professional working artist. We discuss mental health and how art and his project "Gift Prolific" helped him through some personal growth, and how he debuted this project at Burning Man. Josh shares with us his current endeavors and what's in store for the future. We also get into details about his exciting art opening, with collaborator Heather Robinson, at Secession Art & Design (Aug 3rd from 6-9pm).

Show notes:

Joshua Coffy
Heather Robinson
"Civilizations" art show by Josh and Heather
Dianne Hoffman
Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin @ 3 Fish Studios
Allison Snopek
Robert Bowen's "Blasphemous Nature" opening @ 111 Minna

Studio Gallery
Cactus Gallery
Journal Building Studios
Richmond Art Center

"Taking the Leap" by Cay Lang

"Florida Man" Facebook page
Burning Man

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Episode 25: Host Your Own Art Show

25- Title card.jpg

Many artists find the idea of having a solo exhibition totally intimidating or even impossible. Formal education doesn't always give you the real world experience to approach galleries, or know how to host your own art event. In this episode, you'll find key hints, tricks and tips on how you can create your own opportunities. Furthermore, we discuss in detail about the hurdles of paving your own way, and some of the obstacles you may not even know will be troublesome until you get there. We also touch upon the gallery world, and the not-so-traditional direction that online sales and marketing has allowed us to achieve.

Show Notes:

“Superstitions” at Art Attack SF

Dianne Hoffman

Alejandro Meza

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

Everyday Original

Lauren Panepinto

Marc Scheff

Muddy Colors

Ivonne Carley

Andy Sciazko

Artspan Open Studios Toolkit

Artspan Open Studios

Maureen Shields

Silvi Alcivar - The Poetry Store

Madrone Art Bar

Tricia Lippert

Dutot Museum

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Episode 24: An Interview With Ashley Voss, Gallery Manager


This week DFE interviews Ashely Voss, the gallery manager of Art Attack SF. We discuss how Ashley went from a being a 2nd grader hustling drawings to her classmates, to being a rising star in the San Francisco art's scene. Ashley's story takes us around the globe, how she navigated her way through college, how she found new inspiration after tragedy, and the story of how she made her way to the golden coast, landing the position of gallery manager within a week of her arrival. Ashley also drops some tips and information for artists looking to get involved with Art Attack SF and other galleries.

Show Notes:

Scary Cow Film Fest at the Castro Theater in San Francisco

Art Attack SF

Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans

Ashley Porter Jewelry


Pelican Bomb

Art Practical

Superstitions Art Reception at Art Attack, Shane's show with Dianne Hoffman

ArtSpan Cut n' Paste Mixer

Kids and Art Foundation /

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Episode 23: Overcoming the Unexpected

Title Card 23-Overcoming the Unexpected.jpg

We've all had moments in our lives, careers or otherwise, that has been a turning point (for the better or worse). Whether is was a fire, theft, vandalism, an unsuccessful art opening or even something like the realization that we barely made any money in our art business. Tune in to see how we deal and cope with these life changing events, and how we can push forward. These events can truly be a moment of transformation, and a catalyst for change.

Our theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written and recorded by Shane Izykowski

Show notes:

Blackwing Pencils


Ana Aranda

Ana Aranda’s Un Color Donde Vivir

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

Superstitions: Dianne Hoffman and Shane Izykowski

Joshua Coffy

Go Fund Me- Journal Building Recovery

RAICES Fundraiser

City Art Cooperative

Episode 22: Instagram For Artists

Title Card 22-Instagram.jpg

Today we discuss NEW ALGORITHMS! I know, exciting! Even though this is a topic a lot of artists don't even want to think about, it's important for visual artists to know how to navigate the social media giant that is Instagram. It can be extremely daunting to think about, but with some real life examples of how you can maximize your audience, this is a must listen for 2018!

Our theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written and recorded by Shane Izykowski

Show notes:

New Algorithm Changes to Instagram

Chantal Horeis's Twitter

Chantal Horeis's Instagram



Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Instagram


Episode 21: An Interview with Scott Fin...

Title Card 21-Scott Fin.jpg

Scott Fin is a fine art photographer, a teacher, a world traveler and more. His journey is all over the map, and is currently rooted in San Francisco. His signature style of brightly colored underground passageways and tunnels is undeniably his own, and the evolution of his work has enabled him to travel around the globe. He's gearing up for an opening this Friday night (June 8, 2018) at Secession Art & Design (link in the show notes), and we were fortunate enough to be able to interview him at the DFE studio.

Our theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written and recorded by Shane Izykowski

Show notes:

Scott Fin’s Website

Scott Fin’s Instagram

City Art Cooperative Gallery

111 Minna Gallery

Wonderland SF 10th Anniversary Show @ 111 Minna

Lucky Rapp “Rewind” at Themes+Projects Gallery

Affordable Art Show @ Luna Rienne Gallery

Bad Art Gallery

Norton Factory Studios

Galen Rowell

Looking Glass Photo

Stroudsburg Foto Shop

Tara’s Organic Ice Cream

GATS for sale at Spoke Art



Night Owl


Arc Studios and Gallery

Artspan Open Studios

1890 Bryant Street Studios

Rachel Leibman

Secession Art & Design

“Underground Art” @ Secession

Eddie Colla

Jeremy Novy

Brennan Wenck-Reilly

Night Photography Class with Scott Fin & Brennan Wenck-Reilly