Episode 4: Dianne Hoffman

This week, we interview assemblage and mixed media artist Dianne Hoffman about her path to the life of a professional artist. Dianne's work is some of the most sought after art in her medium, and she continually presses forward to create meaningful and thought-provoking pieces. Dianne is our very first interviewee, and we are very excited to share her story with you!

Our theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written and recorded by Shane Izykowski.

Show notes and things we mentioned:

Dianne Hoffman's Website: http://diannehoffman.wixsite.com/artist

Jennifer Renzel's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Jenifer.J.Renzel.Assemblage.Art/

Hieronymous Bosch: https://www.hieronymus-bosch.org/

Travis Louie: http://www.travislouieart.com/

Mark Ryden: https://www.markryden.com/

Elizabeth McGrath: https://elizabethmcgrath.com/

The Brothers Quay: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brothers_Quay

Sandra Yagi: http://www.sandrayagi.com/

Silvi Alcivar: http://thepoetrystore.net/

Beka Brayer: http://heartofwhimsey.net/index.html

Calvin Ma: http://www.calvinmasculpts.com/

Joshua Coffy: https://undersong.com/

Su Evers: https://www.suevers.com/

Marina Berlin: https://www.marinaberlinart.com/

Leslie Morgan: http://www.lesliemorganart.com/

Arc Gallery and Studios: https://www.arc-sf.com/

Artspan: artspan.org

Shane Izykowski: www.shaneizykowski.com

Sonia Leticia: www.sonialeticia.com