Episode 35: Elitism in the Arts


Shane & Sonia do a deep dive into the art world, all the way from the top to the bottom. They talk about how the high end art market influences the mid-level and entry-level market, and how much of that shouldn't matter to the average artist making a living.

The theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written and recorded by Shane Izykowski.



Cactus Gallery

Ivonne Carley

Jeff Collier

Chet Zar

Dos Diablos

Magpie Rodgers

Shane Pierce

Amandine Arruty

Copro Nason Gallery

Open Studios at Pacific Felt Factory

Cat Sommer


Oculus Obscura Collective

Adam Ruins Everything Art Video

Dark Art Society Podcast

Banksy Stunt

“Troll” by Kawehi

Christian Alzmann