Episode 15: Censorship

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Today we're talking about CENSORSHIP!

[[[ This is your explicit language warning :)  ]]]

"It is not an obligation for all artists to create work that has sociological, religious or political meaning, but artists as a whole have been pushing the boundaries of what is deemed "correct" for centuries. Art has influence, has been proven to strengthen communities, stir up conversation and bring focus on topics that otherwise wouldn't even be talked about. It is not your obligation as an artist, solely to continue this mission, but as artists, we see the world in a different way, and are able to express our feelings, thoughts, insights and opinions into a very channeled and focused way, sometimes in the form of a painting, sometimes as a piece of performance art, sometimes as a sculptural work, sometimes as a complete body of visual art. To censor that freedom is to censor the very reason some artists exist. "

Things we talked about:

Secession Art + Design / https://www.secessionsf.com/

Eden Stein's Entrepreneurship Grant / https://www.secessionsf.com/blog/2018/4/4/eden-wins-a-grant-from-the-sf-womens-entrepreneurship-fund

Jonathan Rachman Design / http://www.jonathanrachman.com/

Loved to Death / https://www.lovedtodeath.com/

Art Attack SF'S Into the Wild Exhibition photos / https://www.artattacksf.com/blogs/blog/into-the-wild-opening-reception

Avenue / http://avenuesf.com/

Joshua Coffy / https://undersong.com/

Joshua Coffy Pricing Workshop / https://www.facebook.com/events/487246035002319/

Mary Ryden Art / https://www.markryden.com/

Mark Ryden Controversy / https://www.widewalls.ch/mark-ryden-art-moca-controversy/

My Favorite Murder Podcast
/ https://www.facebook.com/MFMpodcast/

Mark Harris / http://www.markharrisstudiosf.com/

Mark Harris Controversy / https://www.kqed.org/arts/12708718

Our theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written and recorded by Shane Izykowski