Episode 25: Host Your Own Art Show

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Many artists find the idea of having a solo exhibition totally intimidating or even impossible. Formal education doesn't always give you the real world experience to approach galleries, or know how to host your own art event. In this episode, you'll find key hints, tricks and tips on how you can create your own opportunities. Furthermore, we discuss in detail about the hurdles of paving your own way, and some of the obstacles you may not even know will be troublesome until you get there. We also touch upon the gallery world, and the not-so-traditional direction that online sales and marketing has allowed us to achieve.

Show Notes:

“Superstitions” at Art Attack SF

Dianne Hoffman

Alejandro Meza

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

Everyday Original

Lauren Panepinto

Marc Scheff

Muddy Colors

Ivonne Carley

Andy Sciazko

Artspan Open Studios Toolkit

Artspan Open Studios

Maureen Shields

Silvi Alcivar - The Poetry Store

Madrone Art Bar

Tricia Lippert

Dutot Museum

Our theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written and recorded by Shane Izykowski