Episode 30: Sexism in the Arts (Part 1)

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This week, on our 30th episode, we discuss sexism in the arts, a topic that NEEDS to be discussed! But, this is only the first of a two part episode! Join us next week for the 2nd installment! We go over some surprising and some not-so-surprising facts and data about women working in the arts, challenges women face and we touch upon the story of some women artists in history. This is a heavy topic, but we're determined to bring these issues to the forefront!

Show Notes:

Our theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written and recorded by Shane Izykowski

Madrone Art Bar
Silvi Alcivar
Maureen Shields
Artlaunch Exhibition

Mike Correll/NRG Creations
Dark Art Society Podcast
Chet Zar

Cactus Gallery

Delila Darlin

National Museum of Women in the Arts
National Museum of Women in the Arts fact sheet

ArtCurious Podcast

Bustle article "Women Outnumber Men At Art Schools - So Why Isn't Their Work Being Shown in Galleries Once They Graduate?"

Anonymous Was a Woman

Sofonisba Anguisola
Georgia O’Keeffe
Diane Arbus
Annie Liebovitz
Julie Bell
Frida Kahlo
Margaret Keane