Episode 36: Live Streaming on Twitch/TwitchCon Recap


If you're interested in live streaming, Twitch might be the platform for you. Whether it's art, costuming, playing video games, body painting, the Twitch community is the strongest and largest it's ever been. Shane and Sonia were fortunate to attend TwitchCon this year, so in this episode, they recap their adventure and also explain the benefits of why Twitch could be your best option for growing your audience.

The theme song "Shane and Sonia Ride The Bus" was written and recorded by Shane Izykowski.

Shane Izykowski

Sonia Leticia

Ransom & Mitchell

Audrey Heller

Crystal Kamoroff

Sharon Steuer

Drawing in Wonderland

Arch Art Supplies

Greta and Manu Schnetzler

Dilcia Giron




Amber Tiana

How Games Overtook the Movie Industry


Dug Stanat


Kevin Smith

Kevin Spicy

Cooking With Heat

Anne Munition

Zombie Unicorn